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Street market time in Barcelona

An alternative to do your Christmas shopping with fresh air

Christmas, Street market time in Barcelona

It’s Christmas time, which means rainy weather, shorter days and in Barcelona, streets ringing  with more life and activity than at any other season. We hear Christmas songs playing everywhere,  lights sparkling in the streets, and Street markets , with their mediaeval objects  and typical Catalan dishes appear in the centre of  Barcelona and its surrounding towns and villages.

Probably one of the oldest  and best known fairs is the Fira de Santa Llúcia,  located at Avinguda de la Catedral, (opposite Barcelona’s main cathedral)  which this year celebrates its 227th  anniversary (1786-2013) . It opens  on 27th. November and lasts until 23rd.  December.

The Fira's stands fall into four categories:

Nativity Scenes and Figures, mainly offering accessories for Nativity scenes, caves, figures, Christmas lights, baubles, candles and Christmas decorations for the home, crib scenes and trees. Greenery and Plants, where you can find natural or artificial trees, moss, tiós figures of various sizes, natural cork, mistletoes, branches of eucalyptus and so on. Crafts, where you will find all types of hand-made products and accessories, clothes, jewellery, decorative objects, gifts and much more… Simbombes, offering you, as well as this traditional instrument, tambourines and many other instruments to give your Christmas a musical touch.

Another exciting option closer to home  is the Castrum Fidelis Medieval Market in Castelldefels, from 5th to  8th December, the Purísima long weekend, when local shops and all kinds of artisans sell  Christmas products and crafts. The 7th December is the Castelldefels Winter Festival so look out for lots of activities, workshops and performances during those days.For further information go to

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