CICAE – Association of Private Independent Schools  The standard of private independent education

Talking with...Elena Cid, managing director of CICAE 

CICAE ( was founded in September 2010, created by nine prestigious private and independent establishments. It is currently made up of 21 organisations who represent a total of 36 schools in eight autonomous regions, comprised of more than 33,000 students. This association came about because a group of private education professionals were concerned about the state of education in Spain in general and felt the need to ring fence  their shrinking room for manoevre in particular....


EXAMS DURING RAMADAN Tips to make the most of Ramadan and to get good marks as well

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar: the name in Arabic is Sawm. Each year the month of Ramadan falls on a different date as it follows the lunar calendar and this means that there are around 10 days difference with the previous year. Nowadays in Spain we’ve taken on the word Ramadan to mean fasting. However Muslims, given their faith and beliefs, fast every day from dawn to dusk during this period.

This year Ramadan falls in June and this will affect many students who have to take exams: in INEDIT we wish to take this further and this is why we would like to share the tips and recommendations of writer Sarah Nurgat (@Sarahnurgat), who originally comes from India, on how to enjoy the mystical essence of the fast and get goo...


The  Gypsy People 8th April, International Day of the Gypsy People

Many myths and legends surround the origins of the gypsy people, whose real name is Rhom or Sinti. This community has its origins in the Indian subcontinent although currently the majority of gypsies are in Europe. The International Day of the Gypsy People falls on the 8th of April in memory of that day in London in 1971 when gypsy activists met to hold the first International Meeting of the Gypsy People and established the gypsy flag and anthem.

There are very famous gypsies worldwide, especially singers and dancers, as well as politicians, writers, actors and sports people. Some of the best known personalities, amongst many others, are the singer Diego El Cigala, the dancer Joaquin Cortes, the musician Raimundo Amad...


The future for textbooks New sales models and the changing digital content have shown this sector to be rigid and outdated

Despite the clear protection afforded to  publishers of textbooks under Spain’s education policy, textbooks face a changing future. Factors such as the price of books, publishers’ falling profits, changing distribution networks, new sales models and the changing digital content have shown this sector to be rigid, outdated and a real obstacle to the further development of education in our country.

Rob Reynolds, an expert in digital education content, including his experience as Language and Literature teacher, details the change in teaching in his book “Next is now”, 2012. Reynolds highlights the barriers which we have pointed out and moreover, focuses on the evolution of learning and new ways of transmitting content, all these factors which mean ed...


A new profession: Drone pilot There are new needs arising and new professions


New technology is causing certain professions to disappear: for example taxi drivers. In five years’ time there will be a driver-free taxi platform in London operating under Uber, the same App creator that managed taxis, which has been banned in several countries.

However there are new needs arising and new professions that are forcing governments to create the necessary controls and certification to develop responsible jobs around the activities that are emerging. One example of these new professions is that of drone pilot.

To become a drone pilot you have to obtain a degree from an authorised school. In Spain there are around fifty such insititutions. The price of these courses range from 1,000 – 1,300 Euros The training centres, called...