Inicio International overview Welcome to Barcelona!

Welcome to Barcelona!

You are new, school is back! So What should you do?

Firstly, go into Barcelona as much as you can,  as eventually life will take over and “exploring” vanishes. Don’t rush to the big attractions: you will visit them repeatedly as you show your family and friends around on holidays. Instead, take a guidebook/map and go into the centre: walk, look, enjoy! Hop on a train to Passeig de Gracia -  wander, look up and enjoy the architecture. Go down the Avda Portal de Angels and head into the tiny back streets, winding into the Barri Gotic. Head into the churches: Santa Maria de Pi or Santa Maria del la Mar and admire the serenity, the huge vaulted ceilings, the light from the windows and the flickering candles. Sit in palm-shaded plazas enjoying a drink or have tapas for lunch. Meet your spouse/ partner/or friends in one of Barcelona’s great cafes or restaurants, or simply go to a park with a packed lunch/picnic. I love walking, talking and having a coffee in Parc de La Cuitadella. Browse  some art galleries at child-free time. Get off the beaten track and wander the Born or the streets off the Rambla and do some window (or real) shopping in the tiny boutiques.

Since its September, go to the Merce. It will not disappoint as a perfect introduction to fiestas in Catalonia!

Finally, as the summer season fades and autumn kicks in, go to the beaches (not just in the city, but all along the coast):  nothing is more beautiful than some of the beaches when they are empty and the sun shines and you feel like they are your own personal space..... 

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